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Day 2 // iSession 3:

Telemedicine in acute and intensive care

Stephan Schug (Chairman)

Iqmed, DE

14:00 - Telemedicine in acute and intensive care

Robert Deisz

University hospital Aachen, DE

Teleintensive care

Marie Thérèse Mennig

Marie Thérèse Mennig

P3 telehealthcare GmbH, Aachen, DE


Curriculum vitae

After concluding her studies in communication sciences, Marie-Thérèse Mennig completed her dissertation on the topic of the development and implementation of innovations in high-performing organizations. As head of the e-health research group in the division of information technology in mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen, she was also responsible for coordinating research initiatives focused on telemedicine and emergency assistance. Since 2013, she has been working with P3 to found the spin-off company P3 telehealthcare GmbH (April, 2014). Today, she is a managing director there in the areas of business development, marketing & sales for telemedical solutions for emergency services.


P3 telehealthcare was founded in 2014 as a joint venture between P3 communications and Docs in Clouds, bringing together engineering knowhow with medical expertise. After seven years of public research and development to foster the idea of introducing innovative communication solutions into emergency care, P3 was the first company in Germany to operate a 24/7 telemedical assistance for emergency medical services.

P3 telehealthcare is committed to more quality in emergency medical care by implementing innovative and reliable telemedical solutions.P3 combines scientific engineering know-how and medical expertise by offering full-services including innovative technical solutions as well as organizational concepts and qualified personnel with the aim of a successful and sustainable implementation of innovative care concepts.

To increase quality of care and improved response times in emergency situations P3 telehealthcare operates a unique Telemedical Emergency Assistance due. The 24/7 operated telemedical support facilitates the efficient use of resources, the optimization of information flows and a continuous quality management along the entire rescue chain. P3 has developed a mobile communication solution enabling reliable data and voice communication over mobile radio networks and designed to support working in hazardous environments and critical situations. With a team of 20 highly qualified tele-EMS-physicians, approved operating procedures and  reliable training concepts P3 is paving the way for successful operation of telemedicine in emergency care.

Today over 5000 missions in German emergency medical care have been successfully supported by telemedical assistance, leading to a more efficient resource management and higher quality of care. In the city of Aachen 25% of EMS missions requiring support by an emergency doctor are supported instantly via telemedicine. Beside a tremendous gain in response time, the service convinces with higher adherence to treatment guidelines and operational transparency in line with quality management in EMS.

Besides daily operations in German EMS organizations, the telemedical solution has been demonstrated on offshore platforms in windparks and can easily be implemented for maritime shipping and aviation. By this telemedical assistance by P3 provides reliable medical support anywhere, anytime. 

Lars Grieten

Lars Grieten

Mobile Health Unit, University of Hasselt, BE

Project manager

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